the modern digital authentication solution for degree certificates




STEP #1 You need to receive a copy of the certificate from its holder. The copy can be either a digital copy (for example, PDF or image) or a traditional paper copy.

STEP #2 Check that the issuing institution exists and go to its website. Follow the link to the verification service. Or come directly here (PASSTRACE.NET).

STEP #3 Scan the 2D barcode with your smartphone's camera or with your webcam. Be sure that you have good lighting when scanning the code!

STEP #4 If the certificate is authentic, you will see a webpage containing the same information as the original certificate. Verify that this information matches with the certificate you just scanned. If the certificate is not authentic, you will see a clear warning message and instructions to how to proceed.

Use smartphone camera or webcam to scan the 2D barcode (QR code) in the certificate to verify its authenticity.

Upload a photo of the 2D barcode (QR code) in the certificate (.jpg) to verify its authenticity.

The certificate contains a digital signature of the issuing institution as a two-dimensional barcode called QR code. The signature and its verification uses digital public key cryptography providing the highest level of protection against counterfeiting. The verification process is digital, and therefore, a copy of the original document can be used without compromising the protection.

The signature can be verified by scanning the QR code using your smartphone's camera or a webcam. Alternatively, you can take a photo of the QR code and upload it above. The verification can be done by anyone from anywhere without any special equipment. Simply use your smartphone.

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